Cold pressed oils – Lets know about our ancient oil extraction system

The oils we use for cooking everything are extracted from seeds, nuts or fruits. Cold pressing is the method of oil extraction from seeds like Seasame, Safflower, Groundnut, Coconut etc. without using heat in the whole process of oil extraction. As it degrades the aroma and nutritional values of oil.

In olden times, a long cylindrical contraption known as ‘Ghani’ was used to extract oil from seeds with the help of animals like a bull.

Nowadays, refined oils have taken place of ‘Kachhi Ghani’ oils. The technique used for the extraction of refined oils involves processes like bleaching, steaming, distillation & hydrogenation. The seeds are exposed to extremely high temperatures to get clear bland oil & chemicals like Phosphoric acid, Calcium Hypo Chloride are added to increase the shelf life of the product which in turn affects the aroma, flavour and nutritional values of the oil.

The more refined an oil is the less nourishing it will be for our bodies.

Consuming refined oil is more like feeding our bodies with harmful chemicals than as food.

At Kesarbaug, we are trying to overcome this and extracting oil from high-quality seeds by following our traditional method of ‘Kachhi Ghani(Obviously without suffering animals like a bull).

In India, we mostly use cooking oils like groundnut/peanut oil, Safflower oil, mustard oil, Sunflower oil, coconut oil etc. We produce all these oils at Kesarbaug in highly Hygenic and pristine conditions.

Why one should use cold pressed oils?

  • Contains natural antioxidants

Cold pressed oils to retain healthy antioxidants that are otherwise damaged by exposure to heat as in the process of refined oils.

  • Rich nutritional values

Cold pressed oils are rich in Vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory and healthy properties. They are also rich sources of Oleic acid that helps boost our immune system. Cold pressed oils contains micronutrients that are vital for our holistic well-being.

  • Completely free from Trans-fats
  • Contains many essential fatty acids and maintains good cholesterol in our body and improves our heart health.
  • Absolutely free from pesticides that are carcinogenic.
  • Rich in aroma
  • As cold pressed oils are unprocessed and unrefined, they are more viscous and retains flavour fully. This helps in lesser consumption(at least 25%) of oil as compared to industrially processed oil.

Some quick facts!!!

The smoke point of cold pressed oils is @160 deg cel and industrially made refined oils is @210 deg cel.

There is a myth that deep-frying of food in cold pressed oil is not good, but given the fact that most of the deep frying in Indian cooking ranges between 120-150 deg cel, the cold-pressed oils are safe for frying.

Cold-pressed oils cannot be mass manufactured. Instead, they empower small rural businesses through their process of extraction.

“Listen to the views of Dr Sangita. A medical practitioner from Mumbai about the importance of cold pressed oils in our food.
She is a physician with a special interest in Lifestyle diseases like obesity, PCOD, Type2 diabetes, Hyper lipidemia etc with more than 25years of experience”

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Cold Pressed Oil


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Cold Pressed Oil