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Welcome to Kesarbaug Cottage Industries.

Kesarbaug is established with a mission to enhance your lifestyle by offering you authentic, chemical-free, natural, and organic products. Kesarbaug is also a sales and distribution platform for local agro products – like, oils, traditional & local savouries, like, Papad, Kurdai, Sandge etc.

Kesarbaug is the most authentic organic products store in Thane. You can easily find us by searching for cold pressed oil near me. Today, Kesarbaug is the best source for cold pressed oil in Thane. We also provide an authentic sourse for cow ghee, organic pulses, natural and organic sweetners like khandsari sugar, and natural jaggery.

Kesarbaug cold pressed oils – taste of nature !

We are pleased to introduce – Kesarbaug Oils – Cold pressed cooking oils with a vision to provide a real, authentic and natural taste.

Today, we are bombarded with a flashy advertisements of industrially processed refined oils which are used by majority of consumers. Though refined oils are widely available and mass produced, it should be known that during refining process many chemicals are used with which oils properties are deteriorated and makes them `not so healthy’ ! IN the manufacturing process, refined oils are deodorised, making them bland in taste, taking away their flavour. Moreover, the chemicals used as well as the heating process used to extract oils makes them not so healthy option during the long run.

Kesarbaug oils are extracted from high quality seeds using traditional cold pressing method which our ancestors have followed for thousands of years. All natural nutritional values, aroma &  taste of the seeds are preserved, thus making them healthy for day to day cooking and also for Ayurvedic and Naturopathy!

The numerous health benefits and savings on future medical expenses in the long term outweigh the price of cold pressed oils, which seems to be little higher as compared to refined oils.

Natural, cold pressed oils are more viscous in nature which in turn helps in lesser consumption to the extent of 25% as compared to the refined oils.

Today, Kesarbaug is the best source for natural chemical-free edible oils in Thane. If you want authentic organic products for your family’s health, opt for Kesarbaug.

Kesarbaug Walvan basket – Preserving the food traditions !

We are pleased also to introduce ‘Kesarbaug Walvan Basket’…a basket full of our Grandma’s love…

I am from Maharashtra and got a chance to observe village life in Maharashtra in my childhood. I observed that women  from small villages are expert in making dry snacks savouries like Papad, Wheat Kurdai, Sandge/Vade etc ,which can be stocked throughout the year. It is known with a special name ‘Walvan’ in Maharashtra.

Maharashtrian feast is not complete without accompaniments like, Papad, Kurdai, Sandage etc . They are tasty, crispy & made from authentic food grains, spices and using traditional methods.

The procedure of making ‘Walvan’  is  time consuming and difficult. It needs lots of experience & patience. Only seasoned hands from few households in Maharashtra can make these authentic ‘Walvan’ savouries. They are prepared in Summer – as it needs to be dried in bright sunlight  so that it can be stocked throughout the year .

To promote these seasoned women’s skills, I urge you to try our ‘Walvan Basket’.

Thanks  again and I invite you to join our mission of `Local to vocal ..’ and preserve our food traditions.

Vaishali Kankal

With over 15 years of start-up experience, Vaishali has grown Kesarbaug into a cottage industries business acquiring many accolades.

Seema Lele

With over 15 years of brand management experience, Seema contributes to brand content, product portfolio & business strategy.



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